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Apple Products Rock!

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple products rock. A few days ago I became the lucky owner of an iPod Touch when a colleague of mine got his brand-new iPhone 3GS. As all blog readers know, I am an avid fan of Apple products, and as I get to know their various […]

Apple Moves Ahead

Apple moves ahead with lots of new products at this time. Clearly the possibility to pause your radio program using the iPod Nano will be VERY useful indeed for those of us who do enjoy the radio. Quite a few have moved over to television, but I still believe radio is useful when you’re out […]

iPod — A Gift For Royalty

It made me very proud of the Apple brand to read that President Obama gave an iPod to Queen Elizabeth during his visit to England in the month of April. I couldn’t think of anything more thoughtful than indeed an iPod. It’s easy to use for all ages, it’s versatile in connectivity with pcs and […]

How Could Anyone Even Consider Doing This?

I am somewhat amazed at what people do nowadays. Throwing one’s iPod seems a bit strange, but this is exactly what this guy did on YouTube:

Maximizing the Performance of Your iPod For FREE

This evening I feel like bringing you a gift – your very own free e-book on maximizing your iPod performance. No strings attached or email to enter — just a plain old link to the report I am sharing with you, and voila.