Be Careful When Updating iOs On Your iPhone

Word reached me that for some iPhone users there can be issues relating to paid apps disappearing when updating both your iTunes and iPhones. My best advice is to take a screen dump BEFORE you update either your iTunes and/or your iPhone from iOs 4 to iOs 5.

Better safe than sorry, and I will update you when I hear more on this issue…

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

One Response to “Be Careful When Updating iOs On Your iPhone”

  1. Henrik Blunck (admin) says:

    Today, I went through the process, and apparently the important part is to remember to update your iTunes files so you have a working backup. When people read the entire screens before clicking “Next” there should be no problem.

    So sorry, folks, but you still have to read what is being said before clicking “Next”… 🙂