Some Like iPhone – I Love Kazam Trooper X3.5

Kazam Trooper X3.5

This is the Kazam Trooper X3.5 smartphone – available for 1/8 of the price of an iPhone

I have an iPhone as my business mobile, but I have made a purchase that I thoroughly enjoy – a Kazam Trooper X3.5. In Denmark such a Kazam smartphone costs about 1/8 of an iPhone.

As regular readers know, I DO value all the positive aspects of Apple products. However, I have also, long ago, realized that you need different horses for different courses.

I hate to brag, but I am willing to go very far to get exactly the product I need, and iPhones have one annoyance in common with Nokia Lumia smartphones: their Danish dictionaries are NOT up to par!

I won’t spend just under 800$ for a smartphone if I can get one for $100 that does the job – and at least allows me to write my text messages without annoying suggestions that are in no way relevant for my line of work or any of my hobbies. Remember, all areas have their own special words, so the challenge is big indeed…

If the iPhone has also annoyed you, it might be time to try a Kazam Trooper X3.5 for you too. Enjoy. :-)

Perfection Comes With a Price

It is quite fun to discuss prices, because one of the biggest assumptions against Apple products is the price level… Perfection comes with a price, and you can’t get a Rolls Royce at the price of a Nissan.

Nothing wrong with a Nissan car. Please don’t misunderstand. :-)

There is a difference in the concept lying behind Apple products. Apple has never claimed to be an open system. In fact the so-called jailbreaking of iPhones has been strongly discouraged, and comes with a penalty of losing your warranty. Some people are disgruntled with that.

But why did they even consider buying an iPhone if they were interested in getting an open system? They could have chosen any bamboo brand and quite simply installed Linux in any distribution if openness was their real issue.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Many assumptions have nothing to do with what Apple is trying to convey. Thousands of people f*ck up their pc every week, and therefore they end up relying on others to fix what they caused to break…

Competence is required when you want to use an open system. Good luck is needed when you want to use previous versions of Windows. But with an Apple Macbook or an iMac you’re quite simply surfing on a wave where everything works. That causes some jealousy, and quite often the real issue behind people’s skepticism against Apple is just that: jealousy… :-)

Apple 5c and 5s – What’s Going On?

The recent release of iPhone 5c and 5s is surprising to say it mildly. I have read Isaacson’s biography on the late founder, Steve Jobs, and I must say I didn’t see this one coming. iPhone 5c may attract a market that couldn’t previously choose to buy an iPhone. But was this step the right step? Time will tell.

When you have something as exclusive as the Apple brand, you want to attract a certain type of customer. Previously, you would attract people who COULD pay what quality cost, and now that seems to change. We all know that the biggest complainers are those who pay the least for a product. Their expectations all too often supersede their willingness to open their wallets.

I am not quite sure what Steve would have done, but I am quite sure he would have been very mad. Plastic didn’t quite seem to be his biggest preference. He was known for trashing an entire series if even just ONE detail didn’t live up to HIS expectations of an Apple computer, so it would seem rather strange that such a principle would be introduced after his all too early demise.

It seems stocks have dropped after the release, so I don’t expect I am the only one bewildered by this… :-)

What are your thoughts on this?

New Apple Headquarters

I really loved this video showing Steve Jobs presenting the plans for a new headquarters campus in Cupertino. I am sure all readers will also like watching this, so I wanted to share this today.

I am going to look more into this, and will share as I find more information. I think this confirms what Apple users already know. It’s a product based on environmentally sound principles, and this City Hall meeting confirms that very positive aspect of Apple.

You can watch their own presentation here also:

Expensive to Replace Screen on iPhone 5

A recent article in Danish media reported that it is far MORE expensive to change the glass screen on iPhone 5 compared with iPhone 4. It was new to quite a few people here in this country that the price for replacing those screens had tripled now that the new iPhone came on the scene.

I fully understand the disillusionment. But let’s face it. Why don’t people take good care of their smartphones? You’re not supposed to throw around your smartphone, and quite naturally covers ARE necessary when you acquire such an expensive cellphone.

Prices will probably drop in the future, but my best advice is to get a cover if you haven’t already gotten this for your brand new iPhone 5.

In Memory of Steve Jobs

As any Apple fan will admit, Steve Jobs WAS Apple. Steve dedicated his life to creating the very best, and when I stumbled upon this YouTube video with ten quotes from the late founder of Apple, I knew I had to share this with all of you. Hope you will enjoy these quotes:

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Welcome to Yet Another Year

2013 has arrived. All speculations about Mayan calendars ending on December 21st 2012 have ended. I am among the most curious as to how Apple sales went this past Christmas-season, because there have been very different signals coming from Apple headquarters since the demise of founder Steve Jobs.

2013 will be a very special year, signalling either status quo or ongoing development of the MacOS operating system. In many ways I truly hope the Jobs legacy will be administered wisely by the people who succeeded him. It is a huge legacy of good quality products, masterful design and most importantly user-friendly interaction with the user. These qualities all lie at the core of what Apple is all about.

Looking forward to presenting what happens in the year ahead. Happy New Year everyone.

Seasonal Greetings to You All

At this time of year, I think it only fair first of all to ensure this blog was fully up-to-date by updating to WordPress 3.5, and also wishing all of you the best seasonal greetings. Whether you celebrate XMas or some other form of festival every single one of you dear readers deserve the very best greetings.

Some, though far too few, have commented during the year, and to those of you I want to send a very special thank you, for YOU have participated in a very important way in the development of this blog. Those who have been too shy to domment yet will have a chance to do so in the coming year, and we can all unite in wishing one another:


iPad Mini

I know some will be happy to get the iPad Mini, but honestly I would say that if you want something bigger than the iPhone, I would go for the “original” iPad any day.

Some few don’t understand why we choose the iPad over similar tablets, and there really only is one answer to give. When you buy an iPad everything works. Everything is easily integrated with iTunes regardless of whether you run MacOS or Windows. You can do so many things without having to be a techie, so this is the very best choice you can ever make.

And people who disagree will say I am biased, and that’s true. I do like Apple products, and I won’t give any apologies for saying so. I love Apple products, and I do give constructive feedback whenever something is off-course. So you will find constructive criticism with better ideas offered, but only when things don’t work nearly as well as should be expected. :-)

Somehow You Must Love Spammers!

I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for people who waste their time sending ridiculous comments to a huge number of blogs, because it indicates two things:

  • A lot of blog owners running WordPress apparently forget running Akismet, because somehow these auto spam providers must gain access to blogs somewhere since they keep trying to come through…
  • The whole point of a comment is to provide something VALUABLE to a discussion, so even when a spam comment comes through, they won’t get any of the organic traffic that a well written comment gets.

Now, you may be thinking: what in the world does this have to do with Macs?

In some ways, nothing, since WordPress is completely platform-independent running in your browser. But in other ways, I expect that some of my readers DO blog themselves, and thus my mentioning the free plugin Akismet may remind them that it might be high time to clean up their inboxes since a new e-mail arrives every time a comment is sent to your blog if you don’t have Akismet installed…

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)