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TextBroker – Unique Opportunity for US Citizens

TextBroker.com is a fantastic opportunity for freelance authors. Unfortunately, the only hurdle for us is that they only cooperate with US citizens. So if you are British, Australian, Canadian or some other type of English author living outside the US, this isn’t for you.

How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less

The e-book “How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less” by Britt Malka is a real fountain of knowledge. In this e-book you get fantastic insight on how to expand your subject into 8 articles the easy way.

Don’t Ever Bore Your Audience

I have some good advice for everyone wanting to do online business today: Don’t ever bore your audience. It sounds so fundamental, but many fail in providing their messages in a short and easy to understand manner. We want to explain everything, and before we realize it, we end up wasting other people’s time by […]