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Where You Want to Go

Do It Because You Like It

You are probably wondering about the title. I’m not talking about sex. 🙂 Many try to make keyword searches, pagerank, keyword density, affiliate links into the motivator that should get you a regular income. Those elements may be good for traffic generation, but are NOT key elements in deciding what niche to join. Listen: You […]

Where You Want to Go – Part 5

During the second phase, we will look at these questions in the search for defining your niche: What is your line of business? What are the key words that fit your business? Can you build partnerships with others in your niche? Is your niche specialized? How have others monetized your niche?

Where You Want to Go – Part 4

What Has Worked Less Than Perfectly? Yesterday, we focused on what has worked well. That is one thing. Today, we are going to focus on what has worked less than perfectly.

Where You Want to Go – Part 3

What Has Worked Well for You? Focus on your strong points. What could you use for your coming niche? What might be useful for your blog readers and future clients?

Where You Want to Go – Part 2

Are You Making Money Online Now? I hope you were inspired by part 1. Today we will be looking at whether you have actually begun making money online.

Where You Want to Go – Part 1

In this week, we will concentrate on the following points: What is your current revenue? Are you making money online now? What has worked well for you? What has worked less than perfect? What have you learned in the process?