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Can I Earn Money by Watching Ads?

There are many companies involved in exposing your ads. They use a variety of systems, but mainly they can be divided into three major groups. They offer one of the following benefits: Points to Merchandise Points to Traffic Price Per Ad Viewed

Concentration, Focus and Full Attention

Some brag about having many projects running at the same time but everything ends up with only mites when you don’t offer full attention, focus and concentration to single projects.

Make October Your Best Month of Blogging

This call to action is directed towards motivating you to realize how important it will be to get started. If you want to affect the number of regular readers and also add extra momentum to your blogging experience NOW is a good time to begin. Winter will soon be upon us, and getting started will […]

Important Reasons Why We Blog

This is not a techie article on setting up WordPress, but rather a bit of inspiration to add to your blogging experience. Why would anyone set up a blog if they don’t know what to put into that blog? Therefore, let’s review a few key points as to “Why We Blog”…

WordPress 2.3 Will Soon Be Ready – Today’s Subject: Categories

The fact that WordPress 2.3 is in Beta 3 should be a good sign – probably that we are only a few weeks from a final release-version.

Warm welcome

Warm welcome to everyone who reads this blog.