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WordPress 3.7 Is Available – Upgrade Today…

Regular readers will know I have always recommended you upgrade immediately when new versions have been released of the WordPress blogging software.

Plugin Quality – Maintaining High Standards of WordPress

It is very annoying indeed to see the falling quality of some WordPress plugins. One example is the Broken Link Checker that doesn’t always work all that well with updated versions of WordPress. In fact, it works so poorly that it causes an overflow somewhere in the entire system causing the entire blog to be […]

No April Fool’s Day

I won’t fall for the temptation to announce anything today because as most of you are well aware news brought on April 1st has a tendency not to be believed. I have fallen for many of the bogus announcements in the past myself so I can fully vouch for the annoyment this creates.

WordPress 2.3.3 Arrived Today

Even the best reporter can make a mistake. Those of you who read my blog article from January 7th entitled "WordPress 2.4 Looking Interesting Indeed…" will remember that some talked of WordPress 2.3.2 being the last version before 2.5, and some even speculating that probably at least a jump directly over to WordPress 2.4 was […]

WordPress 2.4 Looking Interesting Indeed…

A belated Happy New Year to all readers. 🙂 Sorry for not having updated you earlier, but I wanted to share a video with you on the new administrator’s panel, and also update you on there being discussions about 2.3.2 being the last version before 2.5 in March, but others talk of January 24th for […]

How Are Your Blogs Doing?

Have you taken my article from October 1st seriously? Have you begun planning your blog, setting up categories, found background materials and checked what others haven’t really blogged, written or spoken about so you could find that ideal niche for your blog?

Version 2.3 of WordPress Has Arrived Today

The new version 2.3 has appeared. As always, each upgrade is a pleasurable experience. There are always little details that suddenly are improved and the user experience is simply enhanced for each new version released. It makes mastering WordPress easier as each new version arrives.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.2.3

The boys at WordPress have done it again – found small errors, and thoroughly tested their system, and have now released WordPress 2.2.3.