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How to Improve Your Twitter Profile

There are some very important aspects that need to be clear when you want to improve your Twitter profile. These points need to be observed, and their order isn’t the priority. Observing all points in whatever order you want to observe them, however, is. Your profile photo Your user name The text in your profile […]

Twitter – A Really Nice Network

If anyone told me I would end up tweeting more than 10,000 times when I originally started tweeting in Danish in september 2008, I would have laughed. Now, I have tweeted more than 13,400 times. I reached the 10K limit at the beginning of 2016, and Twitter is a really nice network.

Social Media – Tips to Become More Succesful With Your Profiles

Becoming succesful with your profiles in the field of social media entails listening to people who have already created succesful social media profiles. You can take a big shortcut into being more succesful when you get a good overview of how and what to integrate. This article is up-to-date, even containing latest arrival in social […]

Secrets Noone Ever Told You About Becoming a Prime Tweeter

As you may remember I released the e-book “23 Facts and Keys to Being Among Prime Tweeters Right Now!” on July 10th 2010. Now, almost a year later, the number of valuable tips has grown to over 50 things you absolutely need to know to master Twitter more effectively.

Build Success By Learning From Failures

You can build success by learning from failures. When you do realize what went wrong with projects that didn’t quite succeed, you can greatly increase the chances of success next time you get involved in a project.

More Articles About Twitter

I did in fact have a couple of extra articles in continuation of my article from friday entitled “Earning Money Online By Using Twitter Effectively” that I want to share with you also:

Earning Money Online By Using Twitter Effectively

Earning money online by using Twitter effectively is not only possible – it’s the best way to go. Twitter is you quick shortcut straight to the desktop of hundreds of people. Now, you can learn how to build real Twitter power, and start building an online empire based upon a strong brand.

You Want Attention — Here's How to Get it!

Let’s face it. You want attention, and often you may be wondering how to get it. Does this hit a sore spot with you? Read on, and discover the real key behind using social media.

Twitter vs. Facebook — Or Both?

When you ask people about what types of social media they use, you often get a Twitter vs. Facebook explanation that clearly shows they prioritize one over the other. Quite often, they’re stunned when I suggest you use BOTH.

What Twitter Never Told You About Changing Your User Name

Twitter brings you good value in many ways. But there is one thing Twitter never tells you about changing your user name. Do you know what that ONE thing is? Do you THINK you know? Would you LIKE to know?