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Setting up your blog


Being more productive is a key-factor if you want to increase your income. Already, many employers have long ago found that redesigning work procedures can work miracles in achieving improved performance for every salary dollar spent. Why should it be any different in your own business? Being self-employed means using self-discipline in the way you […]

The Difference Between Learning and Acting

There is a big difference between learning and acting. When you LEARN you are taught the information tha could CHANGE your life. When you ACT you take ACTION upon what you have learned. That lesson SHOULD have be clear to anyone in internet marketing.

Just Over 4 Months Left…

You have been reminded several times during the year about milestones in your earning money online endeavour. I have focused your attention towards defining your segment very precisely and putting time and energy into seeing what is on your harddrive and making USE of it, instead of just letting all the ideas remain ideas – […]

Important To Proofread Texts

I would NEVER buy a product when the language is bad, and I am sure many of you feel exactly the same way when judging a product based upon appraisal from others.

Concentration, Focus and Full Attention

Some brag about having many projects running at the same time but everything ends up with only mites when you don’t offer full attention, focus and concentration to single projects.

Traffic Tactics Summer Sale

Imagine what 750 traffic tactics would represent for your business if even just 10% of them were implemented in the first week. You might only be employing 5 to 10 of these today, so beginning to do what PROFESSIONALS do would DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your traffic, and thereby your sales.

It Seems Like People Need a Plan

I have wondered what to do to truly give you boys and girls a well-needed and well-deserved kick in the butt. Why do I say you need a kick in the butt? Well, some of you do whereas others HAVE BEGUN taking action. But we need EVEN MORE PEOPLE to take action.

Finding and Building Upon Your Creativity

Let’s face it. Most of us have overlooked a very essential part in why we blog. First of all, the fact that WordPress has given us a SHORTCUT to blogging HAS been emphasized on this blog, but have you thought about the fact that your IDEAS should NOURISH the blog.

Why Some Choose Not To Have Ads

Many people are rather skeptical, and that is part of the explanation as to why some choose not to have ads on their websites. Some, erroneously, believe they can’t avoid competition from others in their field of business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Comments Turned On — Part of Blogs Supreme

If you want to have one of the very best blogs you will quickly find that having comments turned on will be one of your best investments. Some blogs use ratings but these 1-5 stars only bring part of the interesting picture.