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Symmetric vs Asymmetric Communication

We humans have a tendency to forget our audience when we communicate. Sometimes, when we write e-mails we end up using a ‘spoken style’ with a few smileys that is rather different from how we communicated before e-mail became part of our communications venues.

Financial Trends: Investing in Diamonds

Historically, it has been a trend to place money in gold or silver. That is actually one of the reasons the gold bar was invented, weighing 12,4 kg, but they also created the kilobar for investment purposes whereas the larger bar was for national banks. You can learn more about gold bars on Wikipedia. Similarly, […]

I Hate DimeSales – Augmenting Prices…

You have probably all tried this. You get an e-mail promising a nice product at $7. You take a look at it, but the price has gone up to $8.60. It’s not the $1.60 that annoys me as such – it’s the failed promise. 🙂 I fully understand that early birds should be praised. They […]

Simplify Your Life

You could save lots of time if you focused on simplifying your life. When you simplify your life, you remove all obstacles that hinder your effectiveness.

Building Trends

Are you the type of person who builds trends, or do you just follow along? Look at your browser. Whatis your starting page. For some it’s whatever was there from the beginning, and they painstakingly press F6 to go to the address line to enter the name of their favourite website. Many don’t know how […]

Action vs. Procrastination

Today, we’re going to look at taking action versus the art of procrastination. What is “procrastination”, you might ask. Fair question — certainly one that needs answering.

Stop Nagging

Marriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines nagging in this way: to find fault incessantly : complain to be a persistent source of annoyance or distraction to irritate by constant scolding or urging badger, worry