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Spammers Must Be Crazy

Spammers must be crazy. I know I have said this before, but I will gladly repeat it. How can this cause anyone to click this? I deleted them. This was a screendump from my wastebin in the webmail for my primary e-mail.

Offending Audiences – Don’t If You’re Not Either Madonna or Pussy Riot :-)

Madonna is famous – some would say infamous – for provoking her audience. In a similar way the female group Pussy Riot provoked russians during recent Russian elections in their effort to demonstrate they didn’t want Putin back as President when they began dancing in a Russian Orthodox Church. Madona increased her audience by offending […]

It Only Pays to Be Stubborn When You’re Right!

Today, celebrating my 40th birthday, it’s time to pass on a lesson I learned when I was about 19. I had just learned how to run a bike up in Sweden – more precisely in a small village called Blentarp. Somw very close friends at the time had decided it was time I learned how […]

Five Years Later…

Having written this blog for more than five years now, I still am amazed at how much some gurus never changed in this business. I began in June of 2007, and back then some could have been excused for not knowing any better. But many persist running the same tricks over and over again.

The Role Security Plays In Your Online Earning Potential

There is some debate about the the security plays in your online earning potential. Some think it is unimportant as they trust the sheer VOLUME of traffic to offset any security weaknesses, whereas others make the valid point that even small security issues could destroy your entire online earning potential.

WYLIWOL – The Key to Success

WYLIWOL is the key to success. You’re probably thinking: “What is WYLIWOL?” Everyone knows WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. But no one really gives the concept of WYLIWOL any real consideration.

Not Earning Enough Money Online? Focus on Your Readers

Not Earning Enough Money Online? Focus On Your Readers By Henrik V Blunck Some are disappointed at how little money they are making online. My claim is they make too little because they have forgotten to focus their attention towards providing quality content for their readers. I want to teach you why you should be […]

Article Databases – Update

In continuation of the article “Article Databases – The Article That Generated The Most Spam“, and in continuation of the principles outlined in the article “Diversification – Why It Works” I want to give you an update about one excellent source of traffic, and how you can activate content that isn’t getting any page views […]

Diversification – Why It Works

I was having a bit of fun this evening while looking at article stats. I discovered that one of my friends had written 63 more articles than myself. I have a couple of articles pending review, and my friend probably has the same… We both work in the earning money online niche, and she has […]

Inspiring Income Opportunities

I was greatly inspired by the article entitled “Internet Money-Making Ideas – How About Making Five Dollars On One Of Those Sites?” written by my good friend in France, Britt Malka. In this article she has given some fabulous income opportunities, and you might also want to follow her blog entitled “Money Making Ideas – […]