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Comments Work – But You Need to Think Before You Press Send

There is no doubt that comments work well in the sense of marketing yourself, when you make comments on blogs, YouTube videos etc. However, there seems to be one thing that is missing among many who post comments on blogs, and that is the ability to see what is being written. If you haven’t got […]

Easy Video Press – Supercharge Your Blog

Easy Video Press IS the product you need to supercharge your blog by turning it into a video cash machine.

More Good News Amid the Crisis

In the middle of April I wrote an article on my other blog on the subject of Earning Money Online entitled “Good News Amid the Crisis“. I have FURTHER good news in this time of crisis.

What You All Must Learn

Let me introduce a typical blogger and fellow Twitter-user whom I think COULD have potential, but you must all learn from the mistakes he did so you can do even better. On April 4th, 2009, this friend on Twitter wrote: I guess I don’t have the time for blogging anymore. I’ve in a year written […]

Earning Money During a Recession

Earning money during a recession takes a bit of creativity. Any fool can make money in a market that keeps growing. When a recession hits people become more conscious about the way they spend their money. Those who don’t will later be FORCED to become more conscious as they will realize you can’t spend your […]

What You MUST Know

There are some things you MUST know about internet marketing to get the RIGHT results. What are these things? What do YOU need to succeed?

Making Money Online — Changing Your Mindset

Making money online requires that you change your mindset. If you get discouraged by minor setbacks you run a high risk of becoming disillusioned. But if you look at blogging, affiliate marketing, Adsense finetuning as a long-term activity you will get much better results.