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Earning Money Online – Facebook CAN Bring Money to You

When I wrote the article “Let 2012 Be Your Year of Success” I wrote something special about Facebook that you very probably overlooked. I wrote: …many have forgotten this because they waste too much time playing with their Facebook games to even notice. You need the right focus on social media, but don’t let it […]

Generate More Traffic Using Hubpages

In continuation of my hubpage asking the question: “Is There a Future in Hubbing?” there is a good method to generate even more traffic using Hubpages.

Article Marketing Works!

People have asked, in e-mails, whether article marketing works. I feel people need an answer, and I want to share my reply with all you dear readers. I touched on the subject in my article “Article Marketing Secrets“, and if you didn’t read that article, just click the title. The article will open in a […]

Skepticism – Overcoming the Virus

The one type of virus that can destroy any business is skepticism. Skepticism is the easiest path when you see something that causes doubts. Oftentimes, internet marketers are guilty because they have inflated their sales, and thus their credibility suffered – causing skeptics to become even more doubtful about the online income business.

Building Your Affiliate Army

Building your affiliate army can be done using this wonderful tool, PaySpree, I will talk about today. Wonderful because it’s free, and because it’s automatic. You need to focus your attention on finding good products you can sell, and making sure affiliates will want to sell your products.

PageRank vs. Time Since Blog Was Launched

PageRank was something you built over time – pagerank is no longer updated. But there are other important points in the article, which is why I have kept this article online. For some blogs this is a quick process, for others it is a much longer process. For those who have wondered about how to improve your […]

Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket — even in situations when Internet Marketers want to convince you to focus solely on their products. It would be nice for internet marketers to leave you focused on their products alone, but putting all your eggs into one basket could prove VERY costly for you.

90% Will Never Succeed – Here’s Why…

90% will never succeed in making money online. In this article I want to focus our attention on something very important. It is CRITICAL to become succesful online. Do you know what is that single ingredient most people overlook besides taking action?

What You Need Most: Visitors or Buyers?

You need to ask yourself the question: “What do you need the most: visitors or buyers?” It’s important to know the difference between the two. Each can be monetized in very different ways. Sit down with a good cup of coffee or tea and listen.

Your Affiliate Commissions Are Being Stolen